The team at Jobg8 would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended the Job Board Summit - Europe 2019.
Everyone involved made the event a tremendous success.

Please find below links to our speaker's presentations


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Future of the Recruitment Industry
Devyani Vaishampayan, The HR Tech Partnership

Ensuring Your Job Board Thrives in the Sourcing Era
Kasia Tang, Social Recruiting & Sourcing Trainer

Welcome to Your Future Strategy
Clair Bush, Ambush

How to Get the Best from Google for Jobs
Mike Woodrow, Aspen Technology Labs
Andrew Hryhorashchuk, Aspen Technology Labs

Understanding and Engaging with the Modern Jobseeker
Stephen O'Donnell, NORAs & RECex

What are 2019-2020's Job Board Recruiting Trends?
Jeff Dickey-Chasins - The Job Board Doctor

Employability as a Differentiator
Oliver Quie, GradCircle

Using Machine Learning to Get Better Results for Candidates and Clients
Kateřina Mňuková,

How did a Local Job Board Become a Major Player in the French Recruitment Market?
David Beaurepaire, HelloWork

Friday 8th November 2019

Data Justice - Just Because You Can Should You?
Lina Dencik, University of Cardiff

A Morning of Disruption
Anna Ott, HR Tech Expert

Video in Recruitment
Derek Jenkins, Monster

ATS Integration - Are You a Platform or a Portal?
Alex Murphy, JobSync

Assessment and Gamification
Athina Dova, Owiwi

What the European Job Board Market Looks Like in 2019
Didi van Wetten, Intelligence Group

Diversity and Inclusion
Morgan Lobb, Vercida
Transitioning to Performance Based Pricing
Dennis van Allemeersch, De Persgroep
Kayleigh Groenendijk, De Persgroep

The Wave Is Coming - Let's Learn How to Surf It
Tobias Porserud, AppJobs
Bertan Baytekin, AppJobs